While all of this was going on, MENS HEALTH MAGAZINE called one day to announce that Jethro’s BBQ had been nominated as one of the finalist for ‘The Manliest Restaurant in the Midwest’. Jethro’s would compete for the crown against four other semi-finalist from Kansas City, Chicago, Minneapolis and Nebraska. Readers and subscribers from around the country were choosing the ‘Manliest Restaurant’ in each region of nation. Over the next thirty days the votes rolled in, the fans and customers of Jethro’s organized, tweeted, posted, texted and voted to win the day and win the election. The December 2011 issue of MENS HEALTH MAGAZINE officially named Jethro’s BBQ as ‘The Manliest Restaurant in the Midwest’. When the editors called from New York City to interview Jethro, they asked , “what makes Jethro’s so Manly”? Jethro thought for a moment and answered…… “Jethro helps bring order to the chaos, that is the life, of the modern American man”.


On December 6, 2011, with the title of ‘Manliest Restaurant in the Midwest’ firmly in hand, Jethro sat back and turned on his big screen TV to watch ‘THE FOOD PARADISE SHOW’ on THE TRAVEL CHANNEL. The premiere of the show was coincidentally on the same day that Jethro’s Jambalaya opened for business. It seems like there have been a lot of coincidences in the world of Jethro. The one hour special previewed the nine regional winners and then announced the winner of ‘The Manliest Restaurant in the Nation’. It was an incredible honor for Jethro’s BBQ to be listed among the nation’s elite, historic restaurants. But for Jethro’s, the other nine regional winners were all traditional, long established institutions that have been in business for decades or even a century. Jethro’s is just a toddler in comparison. When Primanti Brothers from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was awarded ‘The Manliest Restaurant in the Nation’, Bruce clapped his hands and then wrote the Brothers a note of congratulations, as he loves their sandwiches and pizzas. Meanwhile, Jethro was so proud of his new title that he wrote the United States Office of Patents and Copyright and officially copyrighted the phrase, “MANLY MONDAYS”. Now men can come to Jethro’s on Mondays and enjoy Manly offerings created especially for Manly Men. You can click on the link here to watch the video. *


The year 2012 brought more awards and honors to Jethro’s as CITYVIEW READERS voted Jethro’s the Best BBQ in the City and for the first time ever, the Best Nacho’s in the City. But, the award that really excited Jethro was from the people of Des Moines, who voted his Wings, the Best in the City, for the third consecutive year. In fact, Jethro’s wings have become so popular and so many hungry people clamor for that wonderful, smoky taste, that Jethro decided to “come out” and go ‘Bi-Wingual’. That’s right! Jethro is now” Bi-Wingual!”Jethro has added Boneless Wings to his menu. Now you can enjoy them at all Jethro’s locations, Two for One Wings on Tuesdays and one/half price Boneless Wings on Thursdays. In the fall of the year Chef Dominic Iannnarelli was named Chef of the Year by Cityview Magazine and THE IOWA RESTAURANT ASSOCIATION named Bruce Gerleman the Iowa Restaurateur of the Year.