The story continues… one night, as Jethro slept… he dreamed of a paradise where his family lived and fished every day on a lake full of walleye. Jethro awoke, and began exploring the north woods. His dream soon came true as he discovered a secluded lake, built his dream house, shot a moose, elk and mountain lion, then opened the doors to his very own Lake House, “Going North to Ankeny, going North the rush is on”. Jethro’s Lake House opened in fast growing, booming Ankeny in December 2012.


The 7,200 square foot Lake House is the first restaurant that Bruce has ever built from the ground up. As a matter of fact, when construction of the building began in the Ankeny Prairie Trail City Center subdivision, there were no roads, there were no utilities. It was a big field of prairie grass. Bruce was so excited with the opportunity and location that he travelled to the Georgetown district of Washington D.C.. There, he researched the design and construction techniques of the historic brick buildings built in the late 1700’s. Why? Because Jethro’s Lake House anchors the new City Center. The development will eventually include the new Ankeny City Hall, Library and over 500,000 square feet of office and retail space. Since Ankeny is a sprawling new suburb that sprang up almost overnight , there are no historic buildings to help the City retain an architectural connection and bridge to its past. Bruce has designed the Lake House to recall those historic buildings he saw in Georgetown that had been built and added onto through the decades . Thus, two distinctly different patios overlook a six acre lake built around a beautiful fire pit and community gathering area that all connect to a walking trail circling the lake. The 316 seat Lake House is the most spectacular and beautiful of all the Jethro’s. Once again, Jethro has found a location where there aren’t any other restaurants. Once again, Bruce has created a new restaurant with its own identity, as the Lake House features shrimp and salmon along with our World Famous BBQ and ‘ Cajun Creole Creations’. “Jethro’s Lake House Your Ankeny Neighborhood Sports Bar”