Burbank, Rodeo Drive , Beverly Hills, The Slawson Cut Off, it all came true to life for Jethro when William Shatner called and invited Bruce and Chef Dom to be on his new TV show “Moving America Forward”. Mr. Shatner’s Show spotlights entrepeneurs that have prospered and helped move America forward during the midst of the great recession. Staying poolside at the Beverly Hills Hilton, hanging out with the Housewives of Beverly Hills in their poolside cabanas got Jethro excited. The Rolls Royce limousines with gold grills were gaudy and made Jethro feel funny. It was an eye opening experience as the boys from Iowa were called to the make- up room, dressed in their best flannel shirts and prepped on the art of movie making. The show was produced in one afternoon and features Mr. Shatner interviewing Bruce and Dom as they tell the story of Jethro success and explain the fact that Jethro is now the largest independent purchaser of pork in the State of Iowa. He buys in excess of 1,800,000 pounds per year. He also is the largest independent purchaser of soybean cooking oil in the State of Iowa. Bruce and Dom invited Mr. Shatner to visit Iowa and he has agreed to come visit. Click on the link here to watch the show. *