So which is it? Why has Jethro’s been able to grow from 0 to 700 employees in the last 12 years during the height of what some talking heads refer to as the Great Recession? Is it the delicious food? Or, is it the great service? It is both. It is the Team of people that greet you at the front door every day when you come for the fun, the familiarity, the food and the family that is Jethro’s. Bruce was and has always been an athlete and a coach. A coach teaches, a coach leads, a coach inspires, a coach fights for his Team, a coach rewards. Jethro’s has always provided 100% health care for all of its managers and pays for 50% of the health care cost for all hourly employees. Today that health care plan exceeds all requirements of Obama Care. All work and no play just does not work, so managers are scheduled for a 5 day work week and also share in a generous monthly profit sharing plan. The made from scratch recipes and the generous portions of “Amazing Slow Smoked Meats” served promptly, in a family friendly atmosphere reward our guests daily and consistently with incredible value . The array of sporting games and events on the many big screen TV’s entertain… all the while the rock and roll music playing in the background makes for a toe tapping, high energy good time. All of this inspiration, execution and philosophy adds up to Jethro being the “Funmeister”. Please, always have fun at Jethro’s BBQ, my gosh, we sure do. Thank you all for your support over the last eight years. Jethro is proud to be “Your Iowa Neighborhood Sports Bar.”


Remember: Jethro brings order to the chaos that is the life of the modern American.