The purchase of a 750 lb. capacity wood fired smoker inspired Dominic to begin testing dozens of different recipes and BBQ rub sauces. Week after week went by as these recipes were perfected and tested on Splash employees and customers. In the Splash kitchen were born all of the amazing recipes for the side dishes that are made from scratch daily. They are the homemade recipes that make Jethro’s food so delicious. The motto of Jethro was born in those early days, as he promised himself that he would always serve large portions of his ‘Amazing Slow Smoked Meats’ and that he would never, ever, serve food from a can.


Meanwhile, on February 1, 2008 the Police Department had moved out and Bruce began reconstructing the building. The design goal was to capture the feeling of eating in a barn. The entertainment goal was to provide a “rock n’ roll” sports bar with enough big screen TV’s and satellites so that Jethro could watch every NFL game being played in the nation at one time. The service goal was to capture that feeling of eating around the campfire on a cattle drive in the 1880’s …. The colorful metal plates and cups were carefully chosen to replicate the sounds and appearance of that era. The construction of the restaurant was completed in a world record 78 days. Blake Wenzel was named the first general manager of Jethro’s BBQ and he along with Smoke Master, Mike Booth, opened Jethro’s BBQ at 3100 Forest Avenue on April 20, 2008, just in time for the 99th running of the Drake Relays. “Jethro’s Your Drake Neighborhood Sports Bar”, had been brought to life.