Jethro has a rule that he doesn’t have partners or do partnerships, but he broke his own rule when he became a strong partner of Drake University and Drake Athletics. Jethro loves the Bulldogs. As a sign of his affection, he had a large blimp built with his name and the Drake Bulldog logo on it. The blimp flies around inside the arena for all Drake sporting activities and drops coupons on the hungry students and fans. The students love Jethro’s! As a sign of their affection, they wear blue t-shirts to all the games with the Drake logo on the front and a picture of Jethro along with one of his many sayings on the back, i.e.


Jethro Says… “Make sure your brain is running before putting your mouth in gear.”


Jethro Says… “A laugh and a smile, are worth a mile.”


Jethro Says… “Let your enthusiasm explode into passion.”


Jethro Says… “Empty wagons make the most noise.”


Jethro Says… “Still water runs deep.”


Jethro Says… “Cease to complain.”


Jethro Says… “Excuses are like armpits, they all stink.”


Jethro Says… “Inches make a champion.”


Jethro Says… “Life is order on the edge of chaos.”


Jethro Says… “Quality is economy.”


Jethro Says… “There is never a right way to do the wrong thing.”


Jethro Says… “It is easier to lose, than to win.”