On another day in 2008, Jethro’s BBQ learned it had been chosen as one the 100 BEST BBQ RESTAURANTS IN AMERICA. A book had been written about all of the great BBQ restaurants in the country, included in the book was the story of Jethro’s BBQ, in Des Moines, not yet even one year old.


On a day in 2009, Jethro opened BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS MAGAZINE and found out he had been chosen as it’s favorite BBQ sandwich. That was the day the ‘Better Homes and Garden Melt Sandwich’ was born, and enshrined on the menu.


One day in 2010, a man named Adam Richman from Travel Channel’s MAN VS. FOOD show called and said he wanted to take the ‘ADAM EMMENECKER CHALLENGE’ on national TV. The 5 pound sandwich was created in honor of the famous Drake basketball player who led the school to the NCAA


“Big Dance” in 2008. Adam Emmenecker sat down with the menu and chose all of his favorite foods. Chef Dominic then built Adam’s favorites into the delicious, award winning sandwich that has become known worldwide. The show aired in October of 2010 to a national TV audience. Adam Richman could not eat the sandwich in 15 minutes and ‘Failed The Challenge’. Overnight, the sandwich gained international immortality! Families, food eaters, contestants and large groups of people travel from across the country and the world to Des Moines to attempt the Adam Emmenecker Challenge. Recently, a group of 20 traveled from the Ukraine to take ‘The Challenge’ as they crossed the country on a competitive food eating binge. THEY All FAILED! As of this writing, there have been only 13 that have conquered “The Challenge”, and there have be thousands that have tried. Pictures of the 13 have been enshrined onto the “Wall of Fame,” pictures of the failures are posted in the restaurants on the “Wall of Shame”. You can click on the link here to watch the show.*


Within a month or so, President Obama called Jethro and asked him to cater a backyard BBQ for some of his close friends here in Des Moines. Jethro opened up his kitchens and shared his secret recipes to the Secret Service as they inspected and tasted the food to make sure that it was delicious and poison free. Everyone had a great time at the party, and Jethro was proud as he watched the helicopters flying overhead and the ninja dressed snipers hiding in the trees, as they made sure everyone behaved themselves, while the guest munched on the food, at The President’s Backyard BBQ.