It was a charity fundraising event, in the spring of 2010, that brought Bruce to Prairie Meadows horse track and casino for a Make A Wish event in Altoona. As he drove out of the parking lot, he looked across the street to see a vacant Godfather’s Pizza for sale. Within 3 days, he made an offer to buy the building. On June 3rd, 2010 reconstruction of the building into Jethro n’ Jake’s Smokehouse Steaks began. Bruce knew he didn’t want to open another restaurant with a menu exactly like Jethro’s. He did not want to compete with himself; he wanted something that would set this restaurant apart, make it different so that he could cross market and give his customers a reason to come to Jethro and Jake’s. The unique idea for smoked steaks was born. Chef Dominic learned to slowly smoke the steaks over hickory and oak wood at a 90 degree temperature, without actually cooking the meat. The process gives the meat that smoky campfire goodness, but yet, Dominic can still broil the steak to your perfection on his Jethro n’ Jake’s Fire Machine: rare, medium rare, medium or well done. Jethro n’ Jake’s Smokehouse Steaks, now in Altoona, still at Drake, opened 95 days later on September 6, 2010, proud to be the only restaurant in Iowa serving Campfire Smoked Black Angus Steaks. “Jethro n’ Jake’s Smokehouse Steaks, Your Altoona Neighborhood Sports Bar” was born.